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We know that minimizing risk associated with your carrier selection, finding the right fleet prospects at the right time, and being able to monitor any changes with your carriers is important to you.  That is why we put it all here – in one database.  We are truly your single source for information on fleets.  From size, contacts, equipment, FMCSA Safety Ratings, insurance, and safety to a complete insurance certification service to meet your ever-changing qualification requirements, it’s all right here at TDS.


Products Overview

Find out carrier information (FMCSA Safety Ratings and other information).

Transportation Data Source makes it easy to qualify and monitor motor carriers using the most up to date information available. Customize your qualification and alert settings so you are immediately notified when your carriers have any safety or insurance changes.

How much time do you currently spend approving/monitoring your carriers?

Transportation Data Source has created an extremely efficient process to verify FMCSA Safety Ratings, Authority, and Insurance history. Get the most up-to-date information available quickly with just a click of the mouse. Transportation Data Source can also manage and monitor your carrier’s insurance certificates.

Take away the risk and uncertainty by knowing you are using safe carriers. One accident with an unsafe carrier can put your business, and reputation, at risk.

Transportation Data Source gives you the tools necessary to help you make informed decisions on choosing carriers to hire. Our database contains safety records for over 2.4 million companies. Transportation Data Source will notify you of any safety changes to your carriers on a daily basis.


Lane Search PLUS


Powered by TDS’s up-to-date Roadside Inspection Data, Lane Search Plus puts you on the cutting edge of technology.  For brokers and logistics companies, you can instantly and efficiently develop your pre-qualified carrier database for better margins and profit.  If prospecting into the trucking industry, become more efficient and accurate with your sales/marketing efforts by refining your search for carriers running certain lanes with specific equipment, and any applicable safety and insurance information on them.  Data is knowledge.  Knowledge is power.

TDS Lane Search Plus provides:

  • Up-to-date data on specific lanes based on carrier’s Roadside and Fixed site Inspection History.
  • Precise equipment details from Flatbeds, Reefers, Dry Vans, even Grain Hopper and Double-Drop Gooseneck Flatbeds! Anything specialized or one-off equipment as well.
  • Prequalify carriers ahead of time based on your own customized safety criteria. This includes filters for FMCSA Safety Ratings and even specific violations.

Lane Search Plus can be used by anyone needing to know what carriers are running trucks by their specific location.


Carrier OnBoarding

Carrier OnBoarding gives freight brokers an automated evaluation and approval process for third party carriers. The product can be quickly configured to match the existing workflows of brokers to accelerate the onboarding process, specific to their needs. Carrier OnBoarding instantly verifies insurance coverage, FMCSA Safety Ratings, operating authority, roadside inspection violations and more based on custom business requirements. TDS continues to validate and monitor carrier qualification data, sending instant notifications if any changes occur.

TDS Carrier OnBoarding provides accurate, up-to-date information on carriers to confidently move freight, faster and more efficiently than before.


Fleet Search

Our basic “start here” package, enabling  you to search, sort and view every USDOT number in North America for information such as fleet contact information, size and locations, makes and models of equipment, commodities carried, SmartWay, CARB TRU registered, FMCSA Safety Ratings and more.  Use our Power Unit Search or Trailer Search to find fleets based on what equipment they are operating. Look up any truck or trailer using the VIN Search, to view roadside inspection details and detailed equipment information. With a staggering database containing over 2.4 million motor carrier records, TDS has more fleets than any other search service in the transportation industry.

Advanced Authority Search

TDS Advanced Authority Search allows you to target for-hire fleets by FMCSA authority status. In addition, you can specify data ranges to target fleets by how long they have been in business. If new fleets are a target market, Advanced Authority Search is an effective tool to gain access to all their information.

Fleet Monitoring

Fleet Search plus the ability to add specific fleets to your own user database in order to monitor changes to them on a daily basis. TDS Fleet Monitoring gives you the peace of mind that someone is helping you watch your fleets and assisting you in making informed decisions in choosing the right fleet to hire.  Set up customized qualification and alert settings so you are immediately notified when carriers have any safety or insurance changes.

Fleet Monitoring with Insurance Certificates

TDS can take care of your insurance certificate collection and monitoring needs. This package includes Fleet Search and Monitoring as well as access to insurance certificates and coverages.   Save time by letting TDS deal with insurance agents. TDS will also take care of collecting renewal certificates for each carrier.

Violations Search

Powered by our up-to-date Roadside Inspection Data, TDS Violation Search allows you to target fleets by specific violations. You can search by types of violations or codes. Use in conjunction with the Radius Search or our Lane Search to target fleets in your sales territory. If you are selling tires, brakes, e-logs or any product or service that correlates with a specific violation, TDS Violation Search is the tool you need.

Inspection Mapping/Reporting

The TDS Inspection Mapping and Reporting tool gives users the most comprehensive inspection data overview at the fleet level that is available. Whether you are an Underwriter needing to verify a fleet’s lanes or violations in a specific radius, or a broker looking to verify lanes a fleet is running in, the TDS Inspection Mapping and Reporting tool is the perfect solution.  

Leads List

Whether prospecting in a certain city, county, state and country, or a mileage radius around a particular zip code, nothing makes finding fleets fitting your parameters easier than our leads list. Search and sort by over 200 different fields, then download into a CSV file and print your target list to have right at your fingertips.  You can also use this file to import your search results into various Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), such as Salesforce.

CSV Export

Add our fully customizable export feature to your subscription package to download and print any of the search parameters you need. With over 200 fields to tailor your needs, our CSV file download is a valuable tool for many industry professionals. Use this CSV file to import your search results into various Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), such as Salesforce.


Partner your customized TDS subscription and your transportation management software with our easy-to-use API tool, allowing for up-to-date notifications on all the fleets in your TMS.
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