The Future of Electric Trucking

The Future of Electric Trucking

Decreased oil prices have lead to an increase in trucking, but we may start to see an even greater shift towards electric trucking in the next few years. During a conference call with investors earlier this year, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk revealed plans for an electric truck unveiling to take place this September.

Without revealing too much, Musk revealed that the electric semis would be mostly constructed out of Tesla Model 3 parts. Arguing that the truck would be economical and environmentally friendly, Musk and many other analysts think that electric trucking could be a part of the transportation industry’s future.

Some of the biggest factors that would affect an electric semi-truck are weight and range. Class 8 trucks in the U.S. have to operate under the 80,000-pound limit mandated by law and electric semis would require huge battery packs for extended journeys. Furthermore, conventional semis carry twin diesel tanks that can extend the range of trucks for longer hauls. Electric trucks seem to be without a similar alternative which may limit these trucks to only shorter or medium lengths hauls.

Still, Tesla seems optimistic about their unveiling and continues to release plans for other modes of electric transportation.

“I really do not see any segment of transport that will not be electric, in fact I’m highly confident that all transport will go fully electric with the ironic exception of rockets,” said Musk during the same conference call.

It is still a bit early to speculate on the effects of new electric semis, but if they are as effective as Musk is leading on, then the industry may have to start accounting for this new alternative.

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