Whether underwriting fleets for Insurance or Financing, TDS has created an extremely efficient process for Underwriters to verify FMCSA Safety Ratings, operating authority, insurance history, and more. TDS provides you with quick access to the most up-to-date fleet data.


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Lane Search PLUS

Powered by TDS’s up-to-date Roadside Inspection Data, Lane Search Plus puts you in control of your data, allowing you to find not only which carriers are running specific lanes, but the type of equipment they use in those lanes and all relevant safety and insurance information for them. Become more efficient and accurate with your prospecting efforts with this advanced feature that is exclusive to us.

TDS Lane Search Plus provides:

  • Up-to-date data on specific lanes based on carrier’s Roadside and Fixed site Inspection History.
  • Precise equipment details from Flatbeds, Reefers, Dry Vans, even Grain Hopper and Double-Drop Gooseneck Flatbeds! Anything specialized or one-off equipment as well.
  • Prequalify carriers ahead of time based on your own customized safety criteria. This includes filters for FMCSA Safety Ratings and even specific violations.

Lane Search Plus can be used by anyone needing to know what carriers are running trucks by their specific location.


Fleet Search

Our basic “start here” package, enabling  you to search, sort and view every USDOT number in North America for information such as fleet contact information, size and locations, makes and models of equipment, commodities carried, SmartWay, CARB TRU registered, FMCSA Safety Ratings and more.  Use our Power Unit Search or Trailer Search to find fleets based on what equipment they are operating. Look up any truck or trailer using the VIN Search, to view roadside inspection details and detailed equipment information. With a staggering database containing over 2.4 million motor carrier records, TDS has more fleets than any other search service in the transportation industry.

Fleet Monitoring

Fleet Search plus the ability to add specific fleets to your own user database in order to monitor changes to them on a daily basis. TDS Fleet Monitoring gives you the peace of mind that someone is helping you watch your fleets and assisting you in making informed decisions in choosing the right fleet to hire.  Set up customized qualification and alert settings so you are immediately notified when carriers have any safety or insurance changes.


Inspection Mapping/Reporting

The TDS Inspection Mapping and Reporting tool gives users the most comprehensive inspection data overview at the fleet level that is available. Whether you are an Underwriter needing to verify a fleet’s lanes or violations in a specific radius, or a broker looking to verify lanes a fleet is running in, the TDS Inspection Mapping and Reporting tool is the perfect solution.  


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