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We have been so pleased with Transportation Data Source (TDS) and its extensive database of information.  As a transportation factoring company, we are always looking for lead sources and TDS has provided us the ability to access carrier information quickly and efficiently.  In addition, being able to perform a targeted search and access information from one site that would normally require a search of 3 to 4 different websites allows our Business Development Officers to spend more time on the phone and less time trying to locate information.  We have subscribed to a few different lists in the past and none of those afforded us the opportunity to access information, based on our needs, the way that TDS has.  As an added bonus, our Operations team has been able to use the TDS system, the search functionality, and the TDS alerts to enhance their performance and mitigate loss.  We are big fans of Transportation Data Source!

Sarah Williams

National Sales Manager, Interstate Capital Corporation

We have been using Transportation Data Source for about 2 years now, and it has truly become an indispensable tool for our team. Advantage PressurePro works in many different aspects of the transportation sector, and TDS gives us a way to quickly connect with our customers and prospects, saving valuable time and money. We are able to pull detailed lists of potential customers and filter them by location, size, or segment, and easily export them to our CRM for future contact. The team at TDS has always been attentive to our companies needs as well, even hosting several training courses and refreshers so we can get the most out of their system. I would recommend TDS to any company in the transportation business that would benefit from having clear, concise, and accurate information on any fleet that they’re wanting to work with.

Jason P. Zaroor

Chief Operating Officer, Advantage Pressure Pro

Transportation Data Source has been an extremely useful asset for me both on a strategic and tactical level in my sales efforts. Whether I am doing a mass e-mail to announce a new product or targeting a specific region I will be visiting, the ability to extract a list of potential Customers with specific equipment or operational needs saves both time and money.

Dan Crowder

Director of Sales, Transtex

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